The Second London Confession of 1646: A Modern Version for the Church Today


(Ambassador International) 2017
The Second London Confession of 1646 is a foundational document for Baptist theology, history, and tradition. It’s strong emphasis on biblical doctrine provides a timeless resource for anyone who wants to strengthen and clarify their faith. This new edition in booklet form is updated with modern English for today’s reader. | Google Books | Ambassador International

Jesus' Crucifixion Beatings and the Book of Proverbs

(Palgrave Macmillan) 2016
Christian theology has largely focused on Jesus’ death but has given relatively little attention to his sufferings. This book contextualizes Jesus’ crucifixion sufferings as informed by the language of Proverbs. He explains that Jesus’ sufferings demonstrate the wisdom of God’s plan to provide a substitute for foolish sinners. Jesus was beaten as a fool – even though he was no fool, in order to fulfill God’s loving plan of salvation. | Google Books | Palgrave

Coins as Cultural Texts in the World of the New Testament

(Bloomsbury T&T Clark) 2016
Summary: Coins have long been a vital part of the discipline of classical studies of the ancient world. However, many scholars have commented that coins have not been adequately integrated into the study of the New Testament. This book provides an interdisciplinary gateway to the study of numismatics for those who are engaged in biblical studies. | Google Books | Bloomsbury

Shining Like the Sun: A Biblical Theology of Meeting God Face to Face

(The Weaver Book Company/Lexham Press) 2016
Summary: The smile of God thrills the soul. Shining Like the Sun examines all the key passages in the Bible that tell of favorable encounters with God and how they produce life-changing, stirring results, both internally and externally. This is the first sustained, whole-Bible treatment on the theme of meeting God face to face. Starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation, the author systematically covers the major events in salvation history, all of which reveal the beauty of encountering God’s grace in abundance. | Google Books | Logos Bible Software / Lexham Press

Joy in Luke-Acts: The Intersection of Rhetoric, Narrative, and Emotion

(Paternoster Biblical Monographs) 2015
Summary: The Gospel of Luke has been called the 'gospel of joy', and the joy theme has also been recognized in Acts. This theme, though, has received relatively little attention in New Testament scholarship. Joy in Luke-Acts examines the joy theme from a socio-rhetorical vantage point, showing that the joy theme empowers the Lukan rhetoric of reversal. The theme is a primary method in which the narrator seeks to persuade the reader to enter into the values and beliefs that characterize the 'upside-down' world in which YHWH has visited his people in Jesus. | Google Books